Jamaican Dancehall, an Exploration

Jamaican Dancehall, an Exploration:


Hello! Many of you know me as beaucoupshade on Tumblr, I’m a budding multimedia journalist, photographer, writer, and artist who’s interested in going to Kingston to start a multimedia exhibition on Dancehall music. 

This the first step to a really gratifying and beautiful journey documenting and making music globally. 

This project stems from my interest in wanting to expand my knowledge of Dancehall by going to Kingston to see how the music and culture functions in 2015 for Kingston natives and youth. How is Dancehall a space of self-identity, Jamaican solidarity, and cultural freedom? Does class, race, and gender play a role in the production of Dancehall music? If so, how? What is the music production behind Dancehall like? What are Dancehall spaces like? Who are the people who fill these spaces?

These are the questions I aim to answer, and possibly more, through a multimedia exhibition through visual and auditory tools such as photography, video, and audio clips from Dancehall events, interviews with cultural scholars, musicians/deejays/dancers, and regular people who attend Dancehall places. Once my trip is over, I want my work to be published digitally or through Chicago-based galleries like Museum of Contemporary Photography or the Arts Incubator.

The money you donate will not only go into the production of this project but also into the costs of printing, shipping, and assembling the project for public and online exhibition.

If you support music, culture, and art please donate and share this project!

Much thanks!

– Ireashia