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Greetings this Thursday Reggae fam wherever you may be on the planet. Wishing everyone a happy and get lucky journey. Thank y’all for your continued support. May all truths and treachery be revealed today. May the force of love be with one and all…One Love..Umoja…Jah Ras Tafari. #PatriceLumumba #MaMaAfrica #RootsReggaeHub ❤️💛💚🚀 .
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👑👊🏿✊🏿👐🏿Patrice Lumumba’s Letter to Pauline Lumumba, 1960 #PatriceLumumba
#ABIBIFAHODIE is #BlackLiberation. “My beloved companion,

I write you these words not knowing whether you will receive them, when you will receive them, and whether I will still be alive when you read them. Throughout my struggle for the independence of my country, I have never doubted for a single instant that the sacred cause to which my comrades and I have dedicated our entire lives would triumph in the end. But what we wanted for our country — its right to an honorable life, to perfect dignity, to independence with no restrictions — was never wanted by Belgian colonialism and its Western allies, who found direct and indirect, intentional and unintentional support among certain high officials of the United Nations, that body in which we placed all our trust when we called on it for help.

They have corrupted some of our countrymen; they have bought others; they have done their part to distort the truth and defile our independence. What else can I say? ‘That whether dead or alive, free or in prison by order of the colonialists, it is not my person that is important. What is important is the Congo, our poor people whose independence has been turned into a cage, with people looking at us from outside the bars, sometimes with charitable compassion, sometimes with glee and delight. But my faith will remain unshakable. I know and feel in my very heart of hearts that sooner or later my people will rid themselves of all their enemies, foreign and domestic, that they will rise up as one to say no to the shame and degradation of colonialism and regain their dignity in the pure light of day.

We are not alone. Africa, Asia, and the free and liberated peoples in every corner of the globe will ever remain at the side of the millions of Congolese who will not abandon the struggle until the day when there will be no more colonizers and no more of their mercenaries in our country. I want my children, whom I leave behind and perhaps will never see again, to be told that the future of the Congo is beautiful and that their country expects them, as it expects every Congolese, (read more in comments) #DRC

Have we learned from the ancestors of the past…?
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